CO2 Soda Chargers

  • Soda Plus System

    Simply The Easiest and Best Home Soda System!

    Take control of what you drink today! Soda Plus has the ability to carbonate anything you drink! This amazingly simple home soda system allows you to infuse CO2 into any liquid placed into the canister. Instantly you can make sparkling apple juice, or a vitamin tonic before your run, even crisp ginger soda that will put a spring in your st

  • 1 Case of Soda Plus 8 gram CO2 Cartridges 10 Pack

    Soda Plus Cartridges are the finest and highest quality 8 gram CO2 cartridges around the world. Each CO2 cartridge is specially cleaned and filtered using the latest in compressed gas technologies, providing customers with fresh carbonation to their favorite drinks every time. Soda Plus cartridges can also be used with air pistols and special tools using CO2 Cartridges.