This great looking cream dispenser will give much joy to anyone who loves whipped cream or mixed alcoholic drinks. Simple and easy to use the system to create thousands of alcoholic mixed drinks, infuses your favorite flavor in the alcohol beverage in minutes. Using it with the whip cream chargers is the best solution for making organic, creamier whip cream. It offers endless possibilities of customizing the whipped cream: custom flavored using fruits or syrups like chocolate mocha, vanilla, caramel, peppermint, raspberry, hazelnut; Sugar-free whipped cream using sugar-free syrups, as well Sweetening using powdered sugar or Stevia® (instead of sugar); Dairy-free whipped cream. Includes a straight decorating tip and a tulip decorating tip really love the freshest whip cream.

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  • Metalhead
  • Beautiful brushed aluminum body
  • Professional quality and design
  • Holds 1pt of liquid
  • Whipped cream will last up to 14 days in the refrigerator

DUE TO SANITARY REASONS, if you ordered this in error, we cannot refund you.